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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nearly 70 Ukrainian citizens to be evacuated from Syria

Aleksandr Dikusarov, press-secretary of Ukraine's
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nearly 76 citizens of Ukraine will be evacuated from Syria to Ukraine in the closest future, stated the press-secretary of Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aleksandr Dikusarov. According to his statement, the evacuation of the Ukrainians will be possible with the support of the International Migration organization.

Ukrainian will be evacuated from Syria in a few stages. Tomorrow, on 15 August 2012 5 citizens will leave Syria, on 27 August another 15 citizens will be evacuated. Another 55 Ukrainians will come back to Ukraine from Syria in the closest future too. The time and the details of their coming back and the ways of their departure from Syria are working out in Ukrainian Embassy in Syria.

About 70-80 citizens of Ukraine residing in Syria now expressed their wish to leave the territory of Syria. The number of those wishing to be evacuated is always changing and depends on the security situation in Syrian cities.

Ukrainian Embassy in Syria keeps the phone contact with about 450 Ukrainians living or working in Syria now. 350 of them are currently in Damascus and in neighboring places and nearly 70 persons are in Aleppo.
The Embassy of Ukraine have already evacuated earlier about 199 citizens from Syria, among them 177 citizens of Ukraine, 15 citizens of Poland and 7 citizens of Syria.