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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Militants responsible for Sinai attack were pardoned weeks before the assault

Egyptian-Israeli border in Sinai

Egyptian security sources have revealed that at least four militants of those extremists involved in the attack on the border checkpoint on 5 August which left 16 soldiers dead had been pardoned by Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy just 45 days before the deadly assault.

Recall that right after Mohamed Morsy was sworn in, he declared his attempt to release several Islamist prisoners detained during the rule of Hosni Mubarak and the following SCAF’s ruling. This move of the newly elected president provoked anger and dissatisfaction within Egyptian society, especially regarding the fact that the revolutionary activists detained by SCAF remain in prison and face the military trials.

Thus, four of the Sinai attackers were pardoned by Morsy and released at the end of June. The militants were the supporters of the radical group “Al-Jihadiya” and the reportedly have left to the Sinai right after their release. They collaborated later with other jihadist elements created the terrorist network on the territory of Sinai desert and took part in the attack on the border.

The terrible attack happened on 5 August 2012 on the checkpoint along the border between Egypt, Israel and Gaza. The soldiers and border guards were attacked by the armed militants at the beginning of the first meal breaking the fast during the Muslim Holy Month Ramadan. The attack left 16 Egyptian soldiers and officers dead and 7 wounded. Egyptian military and security forces started the massive military offensive in Sinai in attempt to eliminate the terrorist network operating in the region.