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Monday, August 13, 2012

Militants attack El-Arish police station again

Egypt's military in El-Arish, Sinai

Militants attacked one of the main police stations in El-Arish, Sinai, on Sunday, according to the eyewitnesses. Two young men were driving by the police station and opened fire. But after the militants and the police forces exchanged fire, the attackers managed to escape and were not caught by police.

The security cordon was made around the attacked police station. The same police station was already attacked in July last year by masked men driving the cars and carrying the religious signs and black flags. This attack left 7 people dead and nearly 50 people injured.

The situation in Sinai remains tense, and today’s attack came amid of military operation targeting the militants in Sinai. The massive offensive named “Operation Eagle” is conducted my Egypt’s military and security forces after the deadly attack on the border checkpoint last Sunday, which resulted in death of 16 soldiers. The following days were also marked with the ongoing attacks and fire exchange at the border checkpoints and police stations in Northern Sinai.