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Friday, August 17, 2012

German doctor tells there are positive changes in the health conditions of Tymoshenko

Julia Tymoshenko
Doctor of German clinic Charité Annette Reichshauer arrived yesterday in Ukraine and visited Ukraine’s ex-Prime Minister Julia Tymoshenko in the hospital. She noted there are some positive changes in the health conditions of Tymoshenko, but the special treatment is required.

Galina Siroshtan, the Deputy Head of the International Medical Commission for rehabilitation of Tymoshenko, reported about this statement of the German doctor today on the press conference. According to her report, the Ukrainian doctors and Annette Reichshauer have discussed today the results of the latest medical tests and examinations of Tymoshenko, her health conditions and the conditions of her treatment and her stay in hospital.

Annette Reichshauer stated there are positive changes in Tymoshenko’s health, and the doctors hope her health conditions will improve soon upon the condition of the accurate fulfillment of all the medical prescriptions. In addition to that, the German doctors decided to add some new medical procedures to the treatment of Tymoshenko. Annette Reichshauer didn’t make any claims regarding the work of Ukrainian doctors.

Ukrainian doctors at the same time addressed Annette Reichshauer with the proposition to conduct the special video-calls between Julia Tymoshenko, her Ukrainian doctors and their German colleagues to discuss the health conditions and treatment of Tymoshenko and to have the chance to resolve some problems connected to the therapy.

German doctor reacted positive on this initiative and promised to report about it in Charité after she will come back to Germany after her Ukraine’s official visit.