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Friday, August 10, 2012

Forensic reports give some information about Sinai attackers

Egypt's Sinai Peninsula

Israel handed over to Egypt the bodies of the six terrorists killed by IDF on Sunday after the attack on the border which resulted in death of 16 Egyptian border guards. The four bodies were transferred to Egypt on Monday for the further expertise.

The initial forensic on the bodies of the attackers of the border checkpoint at Rafah suggests that the militants were wearing the Egyptian uniform during the attack. The uniform was made in Nablus, Palestine.
Five of the six bodies are difficult to indentify as they are almost 99% burned from the explosion, and the sixth body has the big gunshot wound throughout his body. All of the border perpetrators are men, their age is about 30 years old. They have Arab features.

The DNA of the bodies was taken for the special expertise to be matched against the DNA from the base of criminals currently wanted by Egyptian police and Security forces.