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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Forensic official report: It is impossible to identify Sinai attackers through DNA tests

Egyptian Security forces in Sinai

Egypt recently received from the Israeli side the bodies of six terrorists killed by IDF after the deadly attack on Egyptian-Israeli border near Rafah. Egypt started the forensic medical expertise in attempt to identify the assailants.

But despite the performing of autopsy and taking the samples from the bodies for conducting the DNA testing the forensic official stated on Saturday that it is unfortunately impossible to identify the bodies of the Sinai attackers. The official source informed that the reason for that is lack of high technology devices for genetic tests what makes the process impossible. In addition to that the killed assailants’ bodies were 99% burnt after the explosion.

According to the preliminary forensic results all the attackers were wearing Egyptian uniform during the Rafah attack, and the uniform was produced in Nablus, Palestine. All of them were men of Arab features; their age was between twenty and thirty years. The five of the six bodies are 99% burnt, the sixth one has the multiple gunshots wounds throughout his body.

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsy
The Egyptian Forensic Medical Authority is scheduled to conclude the final medical report about the results of the forensic expertise of the six bodies of terrorists on Monday.

Those six terrorists were killed by Israeli military forces last Sunday after the militants committed the terrible attack on the border checkpoint killing 16 Egyptian soldiers and wounding 7. According to Egypt’s military’s reports the border checkpoint near Rafah was attacked by nearly 35 gunmen, who seized then the military vehicle and moved to Israeli border where they were killed by IDF. This attack was one of the most terrible for Egypt for the last times and resulted in a massive military offensive conducted by Egypt’s military and security forces in Sinai peninsula in attempt to restore order and security in the problematic region.

The deputy head of SCAF Sami Anan
Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy stated that he is leading the operation, and the operation will continue until the situation will be stable. State news agencies report that Morsy had a meeting with the deputy head of SCAF Sami Anan today to discuss the latest developments of the military operation in Sinai.