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Monday, August 20, 2012

Europe asks not to extradite the organizer of Putin’s assassination

Adam Osmaev, the suspected in organising the
assassination of Vladimir Putin

The European Court for Human Rights recommended Ukraine temporally not to extradite to Russia Adam Osmaev, who is suspected of the organization of the assassination of Vladimir Putin, Russian President.

According to the information of Amina Okueva, civil wife of Adam Ismaev, European Court still didn’t begin to investigate and study the case, but as it is about life and death of the suspected person, the Court recommended Ukraine to pause the process of extradition of Osmaev to Russia. The news source Interfax Ukraine reports there is a recommendation to pause the extradition process until the case will be investigated and heard by European Court for Human Rights.

The decisions of European Court have not mandatory, but rather the recommendatory character, but those decisions are usually taken into consideration. The defense team of suspected Adam Osmaev and his relatives are also waiting for the official reaction of Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich, to whom they have already sent all the documents and complaints of Osmaev.

In February 2012 Russian and Ukrainian intelligence forces reported that the managed to thwart the plans of the terrorists who were preparing the assassination of Vladimir Putin. Adam Aosmaev and his father were arrested by the Special Forces in their rented apartment in Odessa, Ukraine. Later Russia addressed to Ukraine demanding the extradition of the suspected.

The Court of Appeal in Odessa declared their verdict and stated the arguments of the defense team of Osmaev are not enough and agreed with the earlier decision of Ukraine’s General Prosecutor’s Office to extradite Adam Osmaev to Russia. The relatives and the advocates of Osmaev referred to the European Court for Human Rights with appeal, and the Court gave a recommendation to Ukrainian side to pause the process of extradition.