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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Egypt’s presidential delegation meets extremists in Sinai

Egyptian military troops in Sinai

A delegation of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy arrived Sunday in Northern Sinai city of Sheikh Zuweyd to meet the number of extremist Islamists in the region, according to Egyptian security sources.

The delegation coming from Cairo included some Salafi sheikhs, according to the witnesses. The members of the presidential delegation came for the meeting with local Salafi and other Islamists groups and with the elders of the local tribes as well to discuss the current situation in Sinai.

The meeting was conducted in attempt to convince the Sinai extremists to cease the violent attacks and assaults in Sinai region in exchange for halting the military operation targeted the Sinai militants.

According to the Palestinian Mews Agency Maan, the presidential delegation would also inspect the Rafah border crossing during their visit to Northern Sinai. President’s office informed about it the security services in Sinai. But this visit was extremely short. The official delegation’s cars arrived in the city of Rafah where they have spent a few hours having the meeting and then left.

Palestinian News Agency claims Egyptian security sources told them Egyptian presidential office is expected to strike a deal with the local jihadist and extremist groups in attempt to cease the violence and stop the attacks, as they turned to the real threat for other Egyptian governorates with the attacks spreading outside Sinai.