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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Egypt’s new Cabinet is selected by Prime Minister

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsy and Prime Minister Hisham Kandeel
Egypt’s new government is expected to be officially announced on Thursday, together with the Presidential team. Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy and newly appointed Prime Minister Hisham Kandeel met on Tuesday to discuss the final list of the names chosen by Prime Minister for the posts in office.

At that stage 70% of the Cabinet was already formed, and there were some talks and consultations regarding the posts of Finance Minister and Foreign Minister. On Wednesday Hisham Kandeel and Mohamed Morsy met with the new ministers, and Egypt’s new Cabinet will be sworn in on Thursday. Hisham Kandeel stated he is willing to form not political but technocratic government which will consist of the professionals.

After this meeting of PM and President the information about the names of the new ministers started to circulate in Egyptian media, state-run newspaper Al-Ahram published the list of names chosen by Hisham Kandeel, and Egypt’s state TV were reporting today about the forming of the new government.

There are some ministers who will remain on their posts since the previous Cabinet of Kamal El-Ganzoury. There are also two members of Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party received the ministry posts.

So, here is the list of the ministers of Egypt’s new Cabinet.

There are at least six names of the ministers who will stay in office since El-Ganzoury’s Cabinet, they are:

Mohamed Kamel Amr, Foreign Minister.
Momtaz Al-Saeed, the Finance Minister.
Nadia Zahkary, Minister of Scientific research.
Nagwa Khalil, Minister of Insurance and Social Affairs.
Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Antiquities.
Mohamed Hussein Tantawy, Minister of Defense. He is current head of Egypt’s Armed Forces and SCAF and will continue to serve as Egypt’s Defense Minister since 1991. Tantawy occupied this position under seven governments.

There are also two representatives of FJP among the newly appointed ministers:

Mostafa Mosaad, the Minister of Education. He is engineering professor and was responsible for the educational policy in Morsy’s presidential campaign.
Tarek Wafiq, the Housing Minister. He is engineer and was a head of housing committee within FJP.

Other names of the ministers selected by Hisham Kandeel for the new government are following:

Hany Mahmoud, the Minister of Communication. He is the former head of the Information Center of the cabinet.
Ahmed Gamal El-Din, General, the Minister of Interior. He was assistant of the former minister of interior and director of the public security authority.
Hisham Zaezou, the Minister of Tourism. He was also serving in this field before, but he wasn’t a member of the previous government.
Bahaa El-Din, the Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources. He served in this ministry as a deputy before.
Ahmed Zaki, General, the Minister of Local development.
Abdel-Qavi Khalifa, the Minister of Drinking water and Savage.
Osama Kamal, the Minister of Petroleum. He is former chairman of the Holding Company of Petrochemicals.
Osama Saleh, the Minister of Investment. He is currently the head of General Authority for Investments.
Mahmoud Balbaa’, the Minister of Electricity and Energy. He is head of the holding company.
Osama Abd, the Minister of Religious endowments. He is Al-Azhar University’s president.
Mohamed Rashad, the Minister of Transport. He is engineering professor at Cairo University.
Alaa Abdel-Sadek, the Minister of Sport. He is former football player and was appointed as a head of the newly formed ministry.
Abou-Zeid Mohamed Abou-Zeid, the Minister of Supply and Social Affairs. He was a vice-president of a food industries holding company.
Mohamed Mahsoub, the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs. He is a prominent member of Al-Wasat Party, the centrist Muslim Brotherhood’s group, and a member of the current Constituent Assembly tasked with the drafting of the Egypt’s new Constitution.
Salah Abdel-Moamen, the Minister of Agriculture and Land Cultivation. He is the head of the Agricultural Research Center.

So the government members have been already selected by Egypt’s Prime Minister Hisham Kandeel and the list is presented to Mohamed Morsy. The new Cabinet will be officially declared and sworn in on Thursday, together with the newly appointed presidential team, the advisory body for the Head of state Mohamed Morsy.