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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Egypt’s Minister of Defense El-Sisi conducts the changes in SCAF

Abdel Fatah El-Sisi, Egypt's new Defense Minister and
Head of SCAF

After Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy ordered to conduct a reshuffle within the SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces), Egypt’s new Defense Minister and Commander-in-Chief  General Abdel Fatah El-Sisi made on Wednesday, 15 August 2012, the new appointments to the highest and leading military positions.

Here are the names of the Generals appointed by El-Sisi to the highest positions within SCAF:

Chief of Military Justice – Major General Medhat Ghezy, former Military Prosecutor, who replaced Major General Adel Morsy.

Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces – Major General Adel Morsy.

Director of Military Police – Major General Ibrahim El-Domiaty. He received this post after Mohamed Morsy asked Hussein Tantawy, former and retired Head of  SCAF and Defense Minister, to replace Major 
General Hamdy Badeen after the tragic Sinai events. Hamdy Badeen was removed from this position by Tantawy and made an Adviser to Minister of Defense for Sinai Affairs.

Commander of the Third Army – Major General Adel Askar, who replaced Sedky Sobhy. Lieutenant General Sedky Sobhy in his turn was appointed as Chief of Staff by Mohamed Morsy, replacing retired Sami Anan.

Commander of the Southern Military Zone – Major General Mohamed Arafat, who replaced Major General Mohsen El-Shazly.

Chief of Operations of the Armed Forces – Major General Nabil El-Shazly, who replaced Major General Mohamed Saber Attiaas.

Several Generals and commanders were kept in their posts and remain in office.

Here are the names of those who will remain in place in SCAF after El-Sisi’s reshuffle:

Commander of the Second Field Army – Major General Ahmed Wasfy.

Chief of Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces – Major General Taher Abdallah.

Commander of the Central Military Zone – Major General Tawhid Tawfiq.

Commander of the Northern Military Zone – Major General Gamal Shehata.

Commander of the Western Military Zone – Major General Medhat El-Nahas.

Director of the Moral Affairs Department of the Armed Forces – Major General Ahmed Abou El-Dahab.

Egypt’s new Defense Minister and new Head of SCAF El-Sisi is yet to appoint the new Director of Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance. This position was held by him before he was declared by President Mohamed Morsy as the new Egypt’s Defense Minister.