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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Egypt's military arrests six terrorists in Sinai

Egypt's military forces in Sinai
Egyptian state TV reported that six terrorists have been arrested by army in Sinai after the attack on the border checkpoint close to Rafah which left 16 Egyptian soldiers dead and 7 wounded and the following clashes in Northern Sinai.

After the shocking assault of Egyptian border guards close to Israeli border and the later attacks of militants Egypt incresed its military presence in the region after approval of Israel, which is needed under the Camp David peace treaty. The additional military and security forces were deployed in the region, and the massive offensive in attempt to neutralize the terrorist groups responsible for the attacks and to eliminate the militant and criminal activity in Sinai began. President Mohamed Morsy declared that he is leading the military operation, and it will continue until the situation will be stable.

During the special military operation of Egyptian armed forces nearly 20 terrorists were killed and six allegedly terrorists were arrested.