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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Egypt’s former PM Ahmed Shafiq put on the watch list of Cairo Airport

Ahmed Shafiq, last Mubarak's PM and
former presidential candidate

Last Mubarak’s era Prime Minister’s and former presidential candidate’s Ahmed Shafiq’s name has been put on Cairo International Airport’s watch list, an Egyptian judicial source told Reuters on Wednesday, 29 August.

Ahmed Shafiq’s name is on the watch list due to allegations of slander and corruption and the ongoing investigations in his case. It means he could be arrested if he returns.

There were some legal complaints which have been recently filed against Ahmed Shafiq. According to MENA the main reason of putting Shafiq’s name on the watch list of Cairo Airport are accusations by Egypt’s former MP Essam Sultan. Ahmed Shafiq was accused of presiding over the illegal sale of state’s land.

Ahmed Shafiq is accused of allocation in 1990 of 40,000 acres of state lands, owned by the Cooperative Housing Association for Military Pilots, which he headed at that time. During the investigations over the corruption case the special panel at the Illicit Gains Authority reviewed the documents submitted by the Association’s board. The panel found Shafiq responsible for the lands allocation and the following selling of these lands to Mubarak’s sons, Alaa and Gamal, at much reduced prices. The sale contract also mentioned the land space which is larger than it was allocated.

Thus, Osama Al-Saidi, the judge investigating Shafiq’s corruption case, took measures following investigations in a complaint filed by former MP Essam Sultan and decided to put Shafiq’s name on the watch lists of Cairo Airport.

There were also other legal complaints which have been recently filed against Mubarak’s long serving aviation minister and ex-presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq. One of them was filed by Mohamed El-Beltagy, leading Muslim Brotherhood’s member. This lawsuit accused Shafiq of slandering the Muslim Brotherhood group. Another complaint was filed by Mohamed El-Beltagy and Safwat Hegazy, Salafi preacher, and accused Shafiq of concealing evidences regarding the killing of peaceful protesters in Tahrir Square during the events of January 25 Revolution in 2011. Shafiq served that time as Mubarak’s Prime Minister. Both those complaints were referred to the office of Egypt’s Justice Minister.