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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Egyptian military operation continues in Sinai

Egyptian forces in Sinai

Egypt’s Armed Forces military operation is continuing in Sinai Peninsula, according to the statements of the security sources.

During massive military offensive aimed to restore order in Egypt’s lawless Sinai Egyptian Armed Forces claimed to have arrested 23 suspected terrorists and killed 11 militants, responsible for the deadly border attack which took place on 5 August along the border between Egypt, Israel and Gaza. This information was revealed by military official in a statement made for Egypt’s state’s TV on Wednesday, 29 August.

Military forces have also confiscated a huge amount of ammunition and weapons during the operation too. There are machine guns, hand grenades, ammunition, anti-tank mines and BM-21launch vehicle, according to the military’s statement.

It’s worth mentioning also that the local residents owning weapons which are a common thing for Sinai people started to give their weapons to the military a few days ago, in framework of the cooperation with Egyptian authorities and Armed Forces.

Egyptian military forces in Sinai
Egypt’s Military Forces declared that the troops will be redeployed throughout Sinai in attempt to restore stability in the region and eliminate the terrorist activity.

After the terrible attack which took place on 5 August this year on the border checkpoint close to Rafah and left 16 Egyptian soldiers dead and 7 wounded Egyptian Armed Forces launched a massive military operation which is named “Operation Eagle”. The operation is one of the biggest during the last time and it was conducted in coordination with the neighboring Israel. According to the terms of Camp David peace treaty signed between Israel and Egypt Sinai territory has to remain demilitarized, and any deploying of additional military troops and weapons should be considered with Israel.

There were some claims that Egypt deployed tanks in Sinai without Israeli approval, but Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy stated that Israel has nothing to worry about regarding Sinai military operation, and Egypt will respect the peace treaty with the Jewish state. Israel generally was positive about Egypt’s operation targeted against the extremists and militants and gave its approval for deploying Egyptian troops, heavy weapons and air craft in the region.

The “Operation Eagle” started on 7 August 2012 and is headed by Egypt’s newly appointed Defense Minister and Head of Egypt’s Armed Forces Abdel-Fatah El-Sissi and Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy. The operation is ongoing and will continue till the terrorists network in the region will be eliminated, the situation will be stable and the security will be restored in Sinai, according to the military sources and President’s statements.