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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Egypt investigates the death of a suspected militant in Sinai

Egypt's military troops on the border in Sinai

Egyptian officials say they are currently investigating the death of the suspected Islamist militant in Sinai and its circumstances.

The name of the suspected militant was Ibrahim Madhan, he was arrested before in connection with the attack on the border checkpoint on 5 August, which left 16 Egyptian soldiers killed. He was killed while riding a motorcycle in Sinai close to the Israeli border on Sunday, 26 August 2012. The rests of the missile were found next to his body.

The officials say they are investigating the circumstances of the incident and considering a few scenarios of the situation. According to one of them the militant was probably killed due to Israeli missile strike. In this case there are the questions whether such an attack was somehow coordinated between Israeli and Egyptian side.

Meanwhile, Israeli side rejects such a possibility and says IDF is not involved in the incident.
The investigations are ongoing, according to the statements of Egyptian officials, who were speaking on conditions of anonymity, as they were not authorized to speak to the press and due to the sensitivity of the issue.

We will remind that Egypt’s Armed Forces are conducting the massive military operation named “Operation Eagle” on the territory of Sinai Peninsula in attempt to fight the Islamist militants responsible for the 5 August border assault and the series of the following attacks which took place at the border and in the city of El-Arish. The operation is also coordinated with Israeli side according to the terms of Camp David peace treaty. Egyptian authorities say the operation will continue until the extremist network will be eliminated in Sinai and the security will be finally restored.