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Monday, August 20, 2012

Breaking: new terrorist attack in Turkey

The blast in Turkish Gaziantep today

The terrorist attack took place today on the South of Turkey, in the city of Gaziantep. At least seven people were killed as a result of explosion. There are also several injured, also the policemen among them.

According to reports the car bomb exploded close to the police station. The explosion was conducted with the help of the remote control.

The situation on the South of Turkey remains tense during last time, with the numerous attacks and protests happened in the region. In July 2012 more than 30 people were wounded during the crackdown of the Kurdish demonstration, among them also the deputy of the pro-Kurdish Party of Peace and Democracy.

At the end of May 2012 the terrorist attack happened in the Central Turkey, in province of Kayesi. The explosive device was activated by the suicide bomber. Four people were killed and at least seventeen policemen were injured.

There was also an explosion in January this year, which took place in the Southern-Eastern region of Turkey. The target of the terrorists was the police car, but there were too crowded around, and 13 people were wounded as a result of that attack, among them 10 civilians and 3 policemen.

At the end of the last year Turkish military forces conducted the air attack in one of the Kurdish villages in the Shirnak province which left 35 people dead. According to one of the version the killed inhabitants were engaged in smuggling but were mistakenly considered being Kurdish separatists.

The Kurdish problem is one of the tensest problems in Turkey nowadays. Kurds are the ethnic minority living on the territory of Turkey. The Kurdish minority in Turkey estimates nearly 20 million people. Since 1984 the Kurds are advocating for creating of an independent state Kurdistan, and this fight took the lives of almost 40 000 people till now. The conflict between Turkish authorities and Kurdish Workers’ Party escalated in 2010. It’s also worth mentioning that Kurdish question is one of the decisive questions in the negotiations between Turkey and EU about the possible integration. EU calls for more autonomy for Kurds and for respect of their rights according to European standards.