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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A new Jihadist group emerges in Egypt's Sinai

The territory of Sinai
Another Jihadist group was formed recently on the territory of Egypt's Sinai. 

The group calls itself the Jund Al Sharia (The Soldiers of Islamic Law) and consists of some Egyptians seeking to implement Islamic Law throughout Egypt. This group opposes the political process in the country as they see it strongly influenced by Western ideology and secularist forces, and behind them they see the global forces based on disbelief and led by US. The members of the new Jihadist group claim they are willing to fight the tyrants and try to impose the strict Islamic Law in the whole Egyptian society. They condemn the secularist and liberal political forces and also the so remnants of the previous regime and the representatives of Military Council (SCAF) as well.

The group issued a statement yesterday which was released on Jihadist Internet groups and translated into English. This statement proclaimes the formation of the new group and declares five demands to Egyptian government and US. Here there are those statements:

  1. Establishing Islamic Sharia throughout Egypt beginnig from Sinai.
  2. Release all the prisoners held in Egypt's and US prisons and under trials for jihad.
  3. Security forces to stop their actions against jihadists and focus on implementing Islamic Law and fighting the Jews.
  4. Release "Muslim Sisters from the monasteries of the Crusaders".
  5. Withdrawal of US peacekeeping forces from Sinai territory.

The newly established Jihadist group gave the Egyptian government the time until the end of Ramadan to implement all those demands, and US have only three days to react and comply the demands or they will "regret it", according to the statement of Jund Al Sharia.