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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Egypt’s presidential team to be announced on Thursday

Yasser Ali, the official spokesperson of Egypt's President

According to Yasser Ali, the official spokesperson of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy, the names of the figures of the new presidential team will be announced this Saturday. During his presidential campaign Mohamed Morsy claimed that his team will be consultative and will consist of the representatives of different political factions. The presidential team will include Egyptian public figures and politicians from the entire political spectrum to represent all the factions of Egyptian society.

The reason of such a delay in the announcing of the presidential team is the numerous consultations and talks which are necessary for the forming of the most eligible list of the candidates and public figures to be chosen for being a part of the President’s consultative body. The rumors were circulating in the journalistic circles that the delay was due to withdrawal of some figures that were proposed to be in the President’s team and turning down their positions, but this information was also denied by Yasser Ali.

Although the official announcement of the presidential team is planned for Thursday, the official newspaper of the Muslim Brotherhood political wing FJP (Freedom and Justice Party) claims that they have the information from the anonymous source in the presidential office that some names of the representatives of the presidential team will be announced already on Sunday. This source also names some of the public figures to be included in this team. Some of them are Muslim Brotherhood’s figures, such as Essam El-Erian (one of the FJP senior figures), Selim El-Awwa (ex-presidential candidate and Islamist scholar and thinker), others are also Egypt’s prominent figures, like Pakinam El-Sharqawy (the professor of political science), Wael Khalil (leftist activist) etc.
Mohamed Morsy, Egypt's President

The fact that Egyptian parliament was strongly dominated by Muslim Brotherhood’s forces was the cause of the serious fears and worries in the society that Islamists will monopolize all the governing power in Egypt. Many revolutionary figures, liberals and leftists were accusing Islamists of taking all the goals of the revolution and using them for their own purposes. But Mohamed Morsy promised that his presidential team will be formed form the representatives of all the factions of the Egyptian society and will include the figures from different political forces. He also stated that he will name a Coptic figure and a woman as his vice-presidents.