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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Omar Suleiman's funeral to be held on Saturday

Omar Suleiman

The funeral for Egypt's long time intelligence chief Omar Suleiman will be held tomorrow, on Saturday, according to his former aide Hussein Kamal.

Earlier the news sources reported that former spy chief's funeral will be held on Friday, right after the arrival of Suleiman's body from USA, where he died undergoing medical treatment in a hospital. 

According to the military sources Omar Suleiman's body will be trasported to Egypt from USA on a special military aircraft, and the military funeral will be held on 21 July 2012 on Saturday and will also be followed by a wake on Sunday, which will take place at the Al-Rashdan Mosque in Nasr City disctrict of Cairo. According to previous information Omar Suleiman's funeral will be attended by Egypt's President Mohamed Morsy and the high officials, the representatives of SCAF, Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists as well.

Omar Suleiman died suddenly at the age of 76 in US Cleveland hospital during making medical tests. After his disqualification from presidential race Omar Suleiman traveled to UAE with his family, but his health deteriorated, so he went to Germany and later to USA for medical treatment. His former aide reports the former spy chief's health was not stable, but he felt himself relatively normal, so this death was unexpected and sudden. Egypt's Embassy's sources report Omar Suleiman suffered of blood disease, while earlier it was stated by Suleiman's aide that he had lung disease and cardiac problems, so the reports about the reasons of his death are conflicting. It became known today that US clinic report which was released on Friday stated Omar Suleiman died of a rare disease affecting his kidneys and heart.