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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

European Commission is for the Greece membership in EU

European Commission building
Greece has to remain in EU and within the currency union, stated European Commission representatives. The government of Germany also reminded about the necessity to wait for the report of “troika” of Greece creditors before taking any important decisions.

This decision is common for German ministers, according to Georg Streiter, representative of German government. German Minister of finances Philipp Rössler also agreed with this line and told in an interview for the channel ARD that he waits for the report of Greece donors to estimate the current financial situation in the country.

It is worth mentioning that after Rössler’s statement the new debates about the membership of Greece in EU sparked with the new power in Germany and within the European community. According to Minister and Vice Chancellor Greece has almost no chances for remaining in EU and could soon leave the currency union and return to its own currency. German Chancellor Angela Merkel made the similar statement but she focused more on economical conditions in Greece and its ability to fulfill all the demands of austerity-program.
Philipp Rössler
The representatives of European Commission, International Monetary fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (EZB) will continue on 24 July the inspection of the current situation in Greece and the fulfillment of the obligations within the framework of the program of financial help for the country. The report of “troika” to be announced at the beginning of September.