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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Egypt’s new government to be formed by July 26

Kamal El-Ganzoury, current Prime Minister of Egypt

According to Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy will name the Prime Minister by 26 July 2012, and the new government to be formed.

The FJP stated on its Facebook page, that the new Prime Minister of Egypt will be a patriotic figure who will be accepted by all political forces. Mohamed Morsi, the former leader of FJP and Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate for president, told before that the future Prime Minister will be not from the Islamist political forces. Among the possible candidates are different prominent figures for Egypt: Mohamed El-Erian, chief executive officer Pacific Investment Management Co., Mahmoud Aboul-Eyoum, former Central bank Governor, Farouk Al-Okdah, the current Governor of the bank, Hazem Beblawi, former deputy prime minister and minister of finances and others. But the candidatures are still not sure, and most of the information till now is only circulating in newspapers. For example, Mohamed El-Erian said later that he didn’t receive any job offer and that he wouldn’t accept it.

The current government of Egypt is headed by Kamal El-Ganzoury, who was appointed as Egypt’s Prime Minister by SCAF in winter, on the background of massive anti-SCAF protests in Cairo and Egypt’s major cities. Egypt’s Parliament was trying to withdraw confidence from this government and was calling for the forming of the new one, but El-Ganzoury’s cabinet still remains in power and will operate until the Government will be formed.