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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Egypt’s government and presidential team to be announced on Thursday

Hisham Kandeel, Egypt's Prime Minister

This Thursday promises to be really very important day for Egypt as there will be two official announcements: of the presidential team and of the new Egypt’s cabinet.

The newly appointed Prime Minister Hisham Kandeel has already presented to Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy the list of the members chosen for Egyptian government and claimed 70% of the Cabinet’s seats are chosen and agreed. There are still some ongoing consultations and negotiations over the post of deputy prime minister for the economic affairs.

Mohamed Morsy declared Hisham Kandeel (50) Egypt’s Prime Minister on 27 July, and this move provoked some criticism in the society and caused some worries among some political forces as well. Hisham Kandeel is a young figure and has not enough experience in politics and governing. Although he occupied the post of minister of water resources and irrigation in the previous Cabinet headed by Kamal El-Ganzoury, he isn’t well-known in Egypt and internationally, what became one of the reasons of the disappointed of the international investors. Hisham Kandeel isn’t an official member of Muslim Brotherhood or any Islamist party or group, but he is considered being a supporter of Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsy’s political program, so there are some worries about the future Egypt’s cabinet which could be also dominated by Islamists.

Yasser Ali, Egypt's President's spokesperson
Hisham Kandeel declared in his statements that he is willing to form the new Egypt’s government from the professionals, so the new government will be rather technocratic than political. This move also met some criticism as a lot of political powers expected the new Egypt’s Cabinet to be a coalition government representing different political forces. Hisham Kandeel has already met the number of potential candidates for the different ministerial posts, and he claims that only professionalism and capability and not the political affiliations will be decisive by choosing the members of the government. The interviews with the candidates were held to choose the most appropriate members for the ministerial seats according to their professional characteristics, experience and motivation to do the public work.

Mohamed Morsy, Egypt's President
So Egypt’s Prime Minister stated on Monday that 70% of the government seats have been already chosen, and the final list will be presented officially till the end of week. The final announcement of the new Egypt’s government appointed by Hisham Kandeel will take place on Thursday, 2 August 2012, and the Cabinet will be also sworn in.

According to Egypt’s President’s official spokesperson Yasser Ali, the presidential consultative team will be also announced on Thursday. The presidential team is intended to politically and socially inclusive and consists of the representatives of all the factions of Egyptian society. This team will include the prominent Egypt’s politicians and public figures. Yasser Ali confirmed that Mohamed Morsy and Hisham Kandeel have agreed to make the both announcements together on Thursday, so this Thursday will be one of the most important days for Egypt’s transitional period.